Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you accept credit cards?
    Currently we accept cash only for admission to the drive-in, However we do accept Visa, Master, and Discover cards at the main snack bar.
  2. What movies are you playing next weekend?
    We usually do not finalize our movie lineup until Monday afternoon before the following weekend. This is due mainly to 2 reasons:  first, we want to keep the best films available on the screen which depends upon how they performed in attendance on the previous weekend, and second, we have to negotiate the best film rental terms with the movie studios in order to keep our costs lower and be able to keep our admission prices low.  The longer the negotiation continues, the more leverage the drive-in has against the movie studio.  Sometimes we will not have our confirmed movie bookings until Tuesday afternoon prior to the following weekend.  The movie lineup is sent out on Wednesday via email to those who have subscribed to our drive-in newsletter, after we have received the verifications from the film studios for all of our movies.
  3. Why do you pair certain movies together?
    We always try to pair two movies together that complement each other.  It is not as easy as you may think.  A first run feature can be very expensive, and the second feature must cost less so that can afford to show two movies for one low price.  Two first run movies on the same screen would be financially impossible to support.  At the same time, if the second movie is to old, no one will want to stay to see it even as a second feature.  What helps is when the same movie studio has two films which are compatible with each other in release close to the same time of year, and they will allow us to pair them together for a reduced rental fee.
  4. Are people allowed to bring their pets to the drive-in?
    We currently do allow pets at the drive-in, but we will ask people with unruly pets to leave if they are disturbing or intimidating other customers.  If a dog is likely to bark around strangers, or is menacing when people walk near to their vehicle, it is best not to bring that pet to the drive-in.  Pets should remain leashed at all times while at the drive-in, and when duty calls, the pet owner should clean up after their pet. We do provide a pet walking area between screen 2 and screen 3.
  5. How early should we arrive at the drive-in?
    The gates are open at 7:30 pm. First show starts at dusk and it is best to arrive at least a half hour before dusk.
  6. What happens when it rains at the drive-in?
    We show the movies, rain or clear. Once you enter the theatre, you are assuming the risk that it may rain at some point during the evening.  We do not give rain checks or refunds due to rain.  The only exception would be dense fog, which obscures the ability to see the movie on the screen, as a dense fog will absorb to much light to be able to view the movie.  Passes will only be given to those patrons in possession of their ticket stubs in the event of fog cancellation.
  7. How do we listen to the movie at the drive-in?
    This drive-in uses state of the art FM stereo broadcasts to deliver the sound for the movies on each screen.  You simply tune your FM stereo in your car to the designated frequency, and listen to the movie from the comfort of your own vehicle.  Under normal operating conditions, this will not drain or harm your car battery.  You may also bring a battery operated portable radio with you, and listen from outside of your vehicle sitting in lawn chairs. 
  8. Can we switch from one screen to another to watch a different second feature than the one our original screen? 
    Not unless you want to exit the theatre and purchase new tickets at the box office. There are several reasons for this. Each pair of movies is owned by different film studios.  When you purchase your original ticket, the money from that sale goes directly to the film studio which owns the movies being shown on the screen that you have a ticket for.  If you switch to another screen, the other film studio will not receive any compensation for the viewing of their movie.  This is not only a violation of our licensing agreement with the film studio to show their films, but it is also a violation of the copyright laws which protect every movie being shown in our drive-in.  Purchasing tickets at the Evergreen Drive In permits our guests to view only the movies shown on the screen where their tickets specify.  Any guests who switch screens or attempt to view a movie without possession of the proper tickets will forfeit their right to remain on the property.
  9. Why Don't You Allow Alcoholic Beverages At The Drive-In
    We want to maintain a safe and family friendly environment for all of our guests.

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